Ghost Alternatives

Understand how Ghost compares to other products out there, so you can find the best fit for you.

Hey there! If you’re deep in the research process of choosing a new publishing platform then you’re probably looking to compare Ghost with other options to figure out whether it might be right for you. To help make this as easy as possible, we’ve put together a detailed overview of how Ghost stacks up to the rest.

Below you’ll find a high level comparison of the main features, links to in-depth profiles of different products, and even a set of cases where Ghost is not the best choice, and recommendations for what might work better!

PricingFrom $9/moFree (ish)From $35/mo10% of your revenue5% of your revenue
Open source✅ Yes❌ No✅ Yes❌ No❌ No
Native email newsletters✅ Yes❌ No❌ No✅ Yes❌ No
Run a membership business✅ Yes, with 0%
transaction fees
❌ No independent memberships❌ Using a premium plugin only✅ Yes, with 10%
transaction fees
✅ Yes, with 5%
transaction fees
Secure content protection✅ Yes❌ No❌ No✅ Yes✅ Yes
Native SEO features✅ Yes❌ No❌ No❌ No❌ No

Why isn’t Ghost free? I want a free platform

All companies have to find some way to stay in business, so if a product is free then often that means your private data is being sold and shared with advertisers and investors. If you’re just making a small blog to write on a couple of times a year and don’t care about issues like this, then Medium is easy to get started with.

On the other hand if you have plans for a more serious publication, that’s where Ghost really shines. You control everything, and have security that the platform you rely on isn’t going to disappear in the next few years.

I want a simple click’n’drag website builder

Ghost is focused on professional publishing, and is deeply customisable for professional use by a small team of developers. If you’re looking for a simple website builder where you can click and drag elements around to create some basic marketing pages, check out Squarespace.

I’m trying to build a complicated site with many features

Ghost is focused on professional publishing, and we cater specifically to that use case. If you’re trying to build custom features, data structures, job boards, ecommerce stores, digital downloads or other types of website which are not related specifically to publishing — Ghost probably won’t be the best fit for you! Check out WordPress which, with enough plugins, can do just about anything.

I need a great authoring experience

Ghost is best suited for people who want to build a business around publishing. The platform comes with everything you need to publish content, including a familiar editor, built-in SEO functionality, sensible content management and flexible themes. This is why thousands of businesses choose Ghost to tell their story.

I want secure, protected members-only content

Ghost provides 100% secure server-side content gating for members-only content, allowing you to publish to a limited audience. It is not possible to achieve this from most other platforms like Squarespace, Wix, Memberstack, SentryLogin, Piano and others — which are insecure and easily bypassed.

If you want secure, member-based publishing where you have full control and ownership of both your content and the platform itself, Ghost is a good choice.

Detailed comparisons

Ghost vs Others

Here are some direct comparisons to other products which people frequently migrate to Ghost from

vs Medium

Ghost vs Medium

Ghost is a powerful, independent alternative to Medium, where you have ultimate control over your content, your website and your business.

Compare Ghost vs Medium →
vs Newspack

Ghost vs Newspack

Rather than a collection of disparate plugins that don't play well together, Ghost is a single, powerful all-in-one tool.

Compare Ghost vs Newspack →
vs WordPress

Ghost vs WordPress

Sick of maintaining plugins and wading through complex menus and options? Ghost is a modern, fast alternative to WordPress.

Compare Ghost vs WordPress →
vs Substack

Ghost vs Substack

Run your membership business with Ghost and benefit from zero transaction fees, your own custom website & more control of your brand!

Compare Ghost vs Substack →
vs Contentful

Ghost vs Contentful

Contentful is an enterprise product for large-scale publishers, while Ghost provides flexible open source software for independent publishers.

Compare Ghost vs Contentful →
vs Gumroad

Ghost vs Gumroad

Ghost is an independent alternative to Gumroad that allows you to make money from your creative work, without additional transaction fees.

Compare Ghost vs Gumroad →
vs Patreon

Ghost vs Patreon

Ghost is an independent alternative to Patreon that allows you to make money from your creative work, without additional transaction fees.

Compare Ghost vs Patreon →
vs Squarespace

Ghost vs Squarespace

Ghost is a powerful, independent alternative to Squarespace, where you have ultimate control over your content, your website and your business.

Compare Ghost vs Squarespace →
vs Tumblr

Ghost vs Tumblr

Looking for a Tumblr alternative? Find out when Ghost is a good option, and also when it isn't with this straight-talking overview.

Compare Ghost vs Tumblr →
vs Buy Me a Coffee

Ghost vs Buy Me a Coffee

Enjoy a superior, mature platform where you own the technology and don't have to give away 5% of your revenue.

Compare Ghost vs Buy Me a Coffee →
vs ConvertKit

Ghost vs ConvertKit

Ghost is a full-featured alternative to ConvertKit without any additional transaction fees, so you get to keep all of the revenue you make.

Compare Ghost vs ConvertKit →
vs Memberful

Ghost vs Memberful

Ghost is a full-featured alternative to Memberful without any additional transaction fees, so you get to keep all of the revenue you make.

Compare Ghost vs Memberful →
vs Pico Payments

Ghost vs Pico Payments

Compared to Pico, Ghost is a fully-featured platform with built-in publishing, email newsletters, and payments with 0% fees.

Compare Ghost vs Pico Payments →
vs Wild Apricot

Ghost vs Wild Apricot

Ghost is a modern alternative to Wild Apricot where you can run any type of membership business and create a completely custom website.

Compare Ghost vs Wild Apricot →
vs Revue

Ghost vs Revue

Running an email newsletter? Ghost gives you all the features you need to do that plus the power & flexibility to build your own brand.

Compare Ghost vs Revue →
Does it really work?

Here's what our customers say

In 2019 we ran a survey asking Ghost users to share their experiences about what's improved since switching to Ghost, this is what they said:

97% of people report an increase in their site’s overall performance

"Ever since I switched my blog over to Ghost, the page speed has gone through the roof. Like really. It's just so much faster than I have ever achieved with a WordPress website. Also, writing posts in Ghost is just an amazing experience. It just works."

Albert Henk van Urk
Albert Henk van Urk

"I've almost doubled my page views and visits. Performance is really great. Now I have no problems with SSL and CDN."

Vlad Gorohovsky
Vlad Gorohovsky
98% of people say their SEO is the same or better than before

"Ghost has been a truly game-changing product for me. Unlike many other publishing platforms, Ghost supports all components of running a successful online publication, from technical SEO to a surprisingly clean editing interface."

Steph Smith
Steph Smith

"Using Ghost has been a dream — no effort and no stress, fully hosted but with no loss of performance. It looks great and does the SEO lifting for me, saving me time to do what I should be doing."

Jonathan Bree
Jonathan Bree
72% of people say they have fewer problems with their site now

"Life is simpler and you're not tempted to continuously dabble with unnecessary plugins and add-ons that really don't improve your content any. Back-to-basics done in a beautiful, user-friendly way."

Rob Masefield
Rob Masefield

"I don't have to spend my time managing unreliable plugins and my SEO optimisation has improved drastically. Ghost gives me time to focus on my writing and content."

Sara Palmer
Sara Palmer